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County and Local Government

Value Added Audit and Assurance Services For Local and County Governments

Our County And Local Government Clients
Elected officials of County and Local Governments are charged with the responsibility to deliver numerous types of services including public safety, economic development, health and welfare, transportation, culture and recreation, just to mention a few. Individuals responsible for providing these services obtain funds from a varied number of sources, including their constituents.

What Elected Officials Need
How often does your independent auditor assist you in maximizing your potential? Do you expect your independent auditor to make suggestions on how to become more effective and efficient? You should and can.

To maximize effectiveness as an elected official you must demonstrate to your constituents and other funding sources that your government provides superior services that benefit constituents in the most cost efficient manner. At the same time you must be transparent and show prudent stewardship and oversight. All of this will increase voter confidence in their elected officials.

How Elected Officials Needs Can Be Met And Why BKG
At BKG, our Pennsylvania county auditors offer the knowledge you need to reveal your potential. When we perform audits our objective is to not only deliver the required reports, but to identify areas of opportunities to further enhance the effectiveness of your government. BKG's efficiency and process assessments take a tailored approach that allows us to identify and provide opportunities and solutions that enhance County and Local Government operations. Being a firm of CPAs who see many operations allows us to learn ”what works“ and how it benefits County and Local Governments. This includes ways to create better and more efficient government by ways of cutting costs, creating efficiencies and improving systems, to mention a few.

We are capable of providing these value added audit internal control, efficiency and process assessment services because of::

  • Our passion to provide more than a report
  • Our experience and the high percentage of CPAs and advanced degrees at BKG
  • Our focus area in County and Local Governments
  • Our passion to look beyond the numbers

The county auditor experts at the Binkley Kanavy Group (BKG) have been providing audit services to Pennsylvania County and Local governments for more than 25 years. Our philosophy related to providing audit services is that we believe being experts on accounting and auditing rules are bare minimum standards that an auditor is required to have. Our passion is to look beyond the numbers to allow us to help our audit customers even become more successful. Our Pennsylvania county auditors understand that our value-add efficiency and process assessments — as well as our internal control assessments — can make a real difference to our clients.