the binkley kanavy group: certified public accountants Vision Statement

Vision Statement

Our Passion

At The Binkley Kanavy Group (BKG) we pride ourselves in looking beyond the numbers to provide our clients an unrivaled approach to professional auditing and business advisory services. Experts at The Binkley Kanavy Group thrive on behalf of a wide-ranging client base with a specialized focus in local governments and human services organizations. One word best describes the attitude The Binkley Kanavy Group’s team exhibits on a daily basis for our clients — PASSION.

The Binkley Kanavy Group was formed from a passion to provide clients with a level of service that surpasses their highest expectations. We have achieved this by creating a culture that values creativity and innovation as much as technical expertise. Passion cannot be sufficiently expressed on a sheet of paper or a spreadsheet, but, our clients can see and feel it while working with our enthusiastic team.

Experience and Skills

Led by founding partners Brian Binkley and Thomas Kanavy, and supported by a highly experienced senior management committee, the team at The Binkley Kanavy Group strives to achieve the highest quality, hands-on service for our clients. Our many years of service and distinguished accomplishments for our clients have allowed us to build and maintain relationships within the industries we serve. We do this with a commitment to diligence, accountability and excellence not seen regularly in the profession.

Communication and Dedication

It is imperative to the team at The Binkley Kanavy Group that our client relationships are founded on mutual trust. The Binkley Kanavy Group’s team is dedicated to regular communications with our clients. No problem is too insignificant and no question is too mundane, not to be addressed in a timely and honest manner. It is through this openness and willingness to communicate that often leads to identifying issues clients were unaware existed; and the solutions that The Binkley Kanavy Group’s team of experts regularly provide.


The Binkley Kanavy Group provides our clients with much more than a report. We provide auditing and consulting services, a comprehensive analysis, which enables our clients to better manage and grow their business. The Binkley Kanavy Group surpasses expectations of its clients by choosing a path of intricate assessment and creativity over the path of least resistance. Our team members are specialists, not generalists. We provide solutions to client issues, both known and those yet to have surfaced. The Binkley Kanavy Group team does more than merely convey these findings to clients; we present the necessary tools to better manage their operations and provide specialized training to educate their employees.


The attributes and the collective set of values The Binkley Kanavy Group shares would amount to nothing without the passion we embody. With this passion we are capable of exceeding the highest expectations of our clients. Our thoroughness, diligence and willingness to look beyond the numbers are only possible because of the passion we bring to helping our clients be even more successful.