the binkley kanavy group: certified public accountants

County and Local Government

Striking the right balance between competing priorities faced by county and local governmental leaders is becoming increasingly challenging. Governmental leaders encounter a simultaneous increase in demand for services and constant pressures to minimize tax burdens; all while being placed directly in the public eye. As such, leaders must be able to effectively make the right decisions and convey the justifications for their decisions with confidence to the public.

At a time when the public is requesting accountability and transparency, governmental leaders are being forced to challenge and change the way their governments function and deliver services. In order to do this, elected officials need to have resources available that will challenge the status quo of their governments and assist in identifying solutions that will relieve the increased financial pressures placed on their budgets. These resources need to not only understand governmental operations, but they also need to be creative, loyal and trustworthy.

CAFRs and PAFRs- The Annual Financial Reports that Empower

At the Binkley Kanavy Group, we help county and local government communicate clearly to public stakeholders through a variety of services, offering the transparency that today's leaders need during this challenging time. Governmental clients turn to us for their Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR), which presents yearly financial records in thorough, accurate detail. Clients also engage us to create their Popular Annual Financial Reports (PAFR), the accessible summary reports designed specifically to inform and educate non-financially-minded stakeholders of an operation's performance.

Efficiency, Process and Internal Control Assessments

To help county and local governments discover new ways to improve processes throughout the year, we, as Pennsylvania County auditors, offer a number of auditing and assurance services. We help our clients optimize operations with internal control assessments, efficiency and process assessments, single audits or program-specific audits.

So whether you're looking for a professional, well-planned CAFR or PAFR, or seeking to improve internal operations with control, efficiency and process assessments, the Binkley Kanavy Group is here to provide your government organization with professional expertise and needed peace of mind.

  • County and local leaders can be confident that the advice provided by us will do more than make financial sense, it will withstand the pressure of public scrutiny. We will not only assist with complex financial challenges, but will enable elected officials to effectively communicate the results.

  • We have been providing audit and consulting services to Pennsylvania County and local governments for more than 25 years. We believe that an "outside" objective analysis provides local governments with valuable insight to assist them in balancing the demands placed on them.

  • What differentiates us from other firms are the objectives and outcomes of our respective approaches. While other firms are engaged with the objective of delivering a report and feel successful when the outcome results in that report, we would not be satisfied.

  • Our thoroughness, diligence and willingness to look beyond the numbers are only possible because of the passion we bring to helping our clients be even more successful.